Sefton Park Liverpool DOGS

//Sefton Park Liverpool DOGS
sefton park liverpool dogs

Sefton Park Liverpool DOGS.


During today’s walk in the Sefton Park, we met a lot of new furry friends. We are happy to announce that new movie compilation from this walk in the Sefton Park will be posted on the blog soon.

Sefton Park is the place where you can meet a lot of dogs. There is no fear in my heart while I am walking with dogs there. I have never encountered an aggressive or fearful dog in this park. Sefton Park is also famous because of the wild ducks and swans that live in this beautiful park. Sometimes in the Sefton Park you can stumble upon various attractions.

sefton park liverpool dogs

Just today while walking we have encounter food festival. In the special fenced area people in booths were preparing and serving different cuisines, cuisines from around the word. Of course, dogs were not allowed there, and rightfully so. The would go mad because of the hundreds strong, delightful smells drifting in the air. Dogs have twenty times better sense of the smell so even walking around the fenced area dogs can smell everything. During walks like that, walkers need to be prepared to handle hungry dogs. We have our own hand-made treats on every walk. The most interesting smell for my walking buddies is my dried liver. Sefton Park Liverpool dogs are great.

If you are in the Liverpool or you live in the Liverpool please visit Sefton Park. You can really relax in there. If you are lucky you can even meet us there.

Compilation  movie was recorded with the best commercial action camera available: GoPro. We offer free GoPro movies from our walks. Movies can be short or long. Longer movies are focused on the dog and his adventures while shorter on highlights from the walk. Having the fun movie that you can post on your social media is always good. The best part is that it is free of charge. Contact us and book your walk today.

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