Onion enjoys Finest dog walker services Liverpool.

//Onion enjoys Finest dog walker services Liverpool.

Onion, the prettiest Lurcher enjoys dog walker services, Liverpool


I will describe now my walks with Onion and tell you a little bit more about her and her amazing personality. Onion and dog walker services Liverpool.

Meet Onion, the prettiest Lurcher. The lurchers are the descendants of a sighthound that is mated with a different breed. The most common type of dog has to be the terrier. Onion is a lively dog that is highly energetic and likes to roll around in the grass. Going out, running around, and smelling things are some of her favourite activities.

We often walk the streets of Dingle.

 Onion is a rescue dog. Rescue dogs usually have hard past, and it shows. She hates loud noises, and when she get scared, she can launch forward like a bullet. But, talking to her softly and petting her gently calms Onion almost instantaneously. It is good to let an easily scared dog know that on the walk I am an alpha and I will take care of any threats. By doing so, she can truly enjoy her walks. You can establish dominance by not letting the dog control the flow of the walks. With me, Onion tried to control where we should go and when we should stop. But, after two walks she got used to the idea that I am in control and she started to smell things and roll around in the grass, she is happier as a follower in a pack.

She is so pretty!

I have never seen such a beautiful Lurcher. She has something about her that you can not resist. This lovely lady can warm your heart just by looking at you.

My Finest dog walker services Liverpool can be enjoyed by any dog. With Onion it is an extra pleasure to walk.

See you on the walk!

When she is happy she like to sniff everything, and when she finds that perfect spot Onion loves to roll around.

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