Dog walking Liverpool – Harvey

//Dog walking Liverpool – Harvey

Dog Walking Liverpool – Harvey


Dog Walking Liverpool – Harvey. Meet Harvey, he is a Parson Russell Terrier. Harvey is a very cheerful dog and tends to have a lot of energy, sometimes even a tad bit too much. Like most dogs, he loves walking out in the open air, play with other dogs and explore all sorts of smells, sounds and sights. Harvey’s favourite place to spend his time has to be the Long Lane Recreation Ground, which I will tell you more about.

Harvey and I often walk in Long Lane Recreation Ground.

We just love it there. It is a really peaceful place, full of other dogs. He instantly becomes very excited when he sees other dogs there. He likes to play and socially interact with them. Harvey is very energetic and just can’t stop running around. He often runs throughout the recreation ground chasing squirrels and fetching sticks, which he loves. Harvey has a dazzling personality and can cheer anyone up who is feeling down. Harvey proves that dogs are a man’s best friend, as he is so loyal and always is in a good mood.

I really love the Long Lane Recreation Ground, as I feel it perfectly fits Harvey, and he seems to agree with me. If you ever happen to be in Liverpool, or near Liverpool, I highly recommend you to pay a visit to the park. It is exquisite.

You can take a quick peek at our GoPro videos; they are free! We both offer long and short video’s, where the shorter clips are more about the walk in general, and the long clips are about the dog and its adventures. Come and visit us in Liverpool and book a walk today!

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    Free knowledge like this doesn’t just help, it promotes Demarco. Thank you.

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