Barks – our laziest walking buddy.

//Barks – our laziest walking buddy.
dog bed liverpool

Dog bed Liverpool – Barks.


Dog bed Liverpool – Barks.

Dog bed Liverpool. He still loves his puppy bed. I am walking this beautiful dog with a big smile on my face. He is a perfect boy. The perfect friend and walking partner. During our ventures, he is always calm and easy to walk.

I would have never even imagined that my first walking friend would be so peaceful and fun to walk. I wish you all such a beautiful and good dog as Barks.

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Thank you for reading this short blog post about my beloved Barks. See you next time.

Update 03/10/2016:

I have been walking Barks for over three months now. I am happy to announce that the Barks’ family has one more member, Sophia. From now on I will be walking Barks and his daughter Sophia three times a week. Sophia will be walked around a yard of course. When she reaches an age of three months I will start bringing her on regular walks with her dad.

This is a great new adventure for me. Teaching and preparing Sophia for outside world is a great responsibility. See you during our next walk!


Update 24/11/2016
Barks is doing better than ever. He lost some weight, made new friends. He lives a time of his life right now. Our long relationship has evolved into friendship.
I have also started to walk Barks daughter Sophia. She is doing really well and I will be taking her soon to a dog park. Stay tuned for more updates. See you during our next walk!

We have been on over 100 walks together so far.  There are no signs that we will be stopping anytime soon. Every day there is a time that he waits for me and I wait for him, we have some special bond.

Oh and he loves dog bed Liverpool.

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  1. Olivia July 22, 2017 at 2:03 am - Reply

    My hat is off to your astute command over this topva-brcio!

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